Allan Dorman

Allan Dorman

Lic. Commercial Real Estate Assoc.


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Allan Dorman serves as a Director of Commercial Sales, Leasing and land Development for Brown Harris Stevens in Suffolk County NY for the past 11 years.

Allan has a business background that extends over 33 years, managing budgets that exceed 20 million dollars a month. Over the years he has developed people skills that include understanding the actual needs of the investment community. The combination of business savvy and a unique ability to assess the needs of people work very well in the commercial real estate market.

Allan has extensive knowledge in Risk Management (FHD). Advance Zoning, Subdivision & Land Development, The Development Approval Process.

SEQRA, Environmental impact studies (EIS) Building Codes, Construction Compliance and the sale and lease agreements of commercial and land development property.

Allan Dorman is also a Suffolk County public official serving his fourth year term has the Mayor of the Incorporated Village of Islandia Long island New York. In a short period of time he turned a five million dollar deficit into a 1.8 million dollar surplus. Allan also serves on the executive board of the Suffolk County Village Officials Association (SCVOA) as President.